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What is PAT?

Pet Assisted Therapy is... sharing the love of our credentialed family therapy pets with those in need of a loving touch, within the context of an ethically based goal oriented professional PAT program, in which the pet and the client eagerly interact and the pet and the client as well as society all benefit.


“Pet Assisted Therapy is more and more being recognized for the positive inpact it can have in the lives of so many people. Pearl Salotto has developed an inspired program that stimulates in children, through their interaction with D.J. and her program, their self confidence and character development based on respect for all living things.”
-- Americo W. Petrocelli, Ph.D., Retired Commissioner of Higher of Education, Rhode Island

“This type of therapy focuses on the unconditional love of a pet therapy animal in combination with the compassion of the intern or therapist. Our participants have benefited physically... But perhaps the greatest benefits are emotional. Participants who are multi-handicapped become included. People smile and speak, and sometimes those who are most comfortable just sitting quietly, feel comfort.”
-- Ed Egan, Recreation Director for the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center (RI)

“There are multiple ways that animals are of benefit in the healing process... The use of Pet Assisted Therapy definitely more than anything else is able to make the mind-body-spirit connection complete. I whole-heartedly endorse it.”
-- Mary Eleanor Toms, MD, Medical Director, Kent County Hospital (RI)

“Professional Pet Assisted Therapy has many positive benefits to patients and their families... The child psychiatric population often experiences therapy pets as non-threatening ‘beings’ which can provide nurturance and be nurtured, a core concept in just about each child’s ‘recovery.’”
-- William T. White, MSN, Director of Operations & Patient Care, Bradley Hospital (RI)

“Animals touch something in children and adults as well. It reminds me of the ocean, or music. There aren’t any words but you know it when you see it. Bringing a pet to the classroom is a fantastic teaching strategy. Pets are conduits to learning. That natural curiosity and bonding children have with dogs and other animals allows the teacher endless extensions into the curriculum. I’ve done Haiku poetry, letter writing, math problems, geography, and art lessons based on what the pet therapist discussed with my students. The message of respect for all living things, which embraces the Pet Therapy Program, is a wonderful opportunity for our children.”
-- Patricia King, ESL teacher, Camden Avenue School (RI)

“A truly effective and engaging program for children and adults. The DJ Respect for Living Things program creatively combines and balances theory and practice in ways that are certain to make significant contributions to the overall growth and development of its participants.”
-- Mario E. Papitto, Coordinator of Grants, Outreach Services, and Title One, Central Falls School District, Central Falls, RI

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