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A Loving Intervention and an Emerging Profession
Leading to a Friendlier, Healthier, and More Peaceful World

Pearl Salotto, B.A., M.P.S
ISBN: 0-9713676-0-4
2nd Printing Now Available!


Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) features both basic information on PAT and detailed explanations of its effectiveness with children, individuals who are elderly, and those dealing with physical and mental challenges. This invaluable resource provides the reader with a thorough overview of PAT including instruction, guidelines, ethical standards, descriptions of field experiences and discussions of the issues critical to the development and advancement of PAT in the health care, education, social service, and criminal justice arenas. In addition, this book can serve as a guide for people to work within their own communities to advance legislation and public policy on behalf of people and animals.


  • Contributed articles by current practitioners of PAT who offer their perspective on the many different aspects of practice.
  • This illustrated text portrays the positive, therapeutic, and mutually beneficial connection between people and animals.
  • Presented in a style that conveys the emotional and physical impact of PAT for college students in health care, education, social service, and criminal justice, as well as professionals in those fields.


“Pearl Salotto’s book on Pet Assisted Therapy is a valuable addition to the medical literature. The wealth of information, based upon her many years of clinical experience, will surely be of great benefit to pets, patients, and therapists.”
-- Dr. Jon A. Mukand, Medical Director for the Southern New England Rehabilitation Center, Providence, R.I.

“Pearl Salotto's book, Pet Assisted Therapy, provides a comprehensive introduction to the role that companion animals can play in improving people's lives and wellbeing. This approach has many applications for those working in the helping professions like child development, counseling, education, gerontology, mental health, nursing, psychology, rehabilitation and social work. The reader is presented with a well organized anthology of articles by experts covering basic theory and practice. This account is enriched with many case descriptions illustrating different interventions. Assessment guidelines, coverage of legal issues, a fine bibliography and clear indexing add more value to this excellent book. I would recommend it without reservation.”
-- David C. Woolman, Ph.D, Ciricumlum Specialist, Adams Library, Rhode Island College, Providence, R.I.

“Pet Assisted Therapy is a wonderful professional introduction to the many aspects of the use of pet assisted therapy in the health professions. It is very clear that the emphasis of the book is that pet assisted therapy is a professional discipline that encompasses many allied health professions with the purpose of helping in so many areas of stress management. As a veterinary professional I would tell my colleagues to read this book and become more informed, compassionate, and humane. It follows that they will become a better veterinarian and person for your endeavors. Thank you, Pearl, for providing the health professions with a caring, compassionate, and loving book.”
-- Peter B. Belinsky, V.M.D, RI Public Health Veterinarian, RI Department of Environmental Management, Providence, R.I.

This is a partial listing of the colleges, elementary schools, hospitals, veterinary offices, governmental agencies, and public libraries using the book:

  • Lewis & Clark Law School, Oregon
  • Tufts University Veterinary School, Massachusetts
  • Capital University, Ohio
  • Communicty College, Rhode Island
  • Middletown School District Family Center, Rhode Island
  • Lillian S. Feinstein Sackett Street School, Rhode Island
  • St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center, Rhode Island
  • Bradley Hospital, Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association Professional Library, Rhode Island
  • Dr. Peter Belinski Veterinary Services, Rhode Island
  • City of Warwick Mayor's Office, Rhode Island
  • City of Woonsocket Human Services Office, Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Department of Health, Rhode Island
  • Barrington Public Library, Rhode Island
  • Bristol Public Library, Rhode Island
Pearl Salotto is a Curriculum Specialist in PAT at all educational levels and is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and video producer on PAT. She has been an outspoken advocate for the professionalization of PAT for the past fifteen years.

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